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Brain Disease

DeepsonBio developed a method to control nerve cells by irradiating low energy ultrasound waves that do not damage cell tissues.

Ultrasound may non-invasively treat brain diseases such as dementia non-invasively, Parkinson's disease, and depression.

Non-invasive transcranial brtain modulation 

for neurological disorders treatment : 

A narrative review-ScienceDirect

Example 1) 


Ultrasound wave is known to enable excretion of amyloid beta or tau protein through cerebrospinal fluid by stimulating the choroid plexus.

Noninvasive ultrasonic inductio of CSF

Example 2) 


In the case of Parkinson's disease, which is caused by the interruption of dopamine secretion,
Ultrasound may activate signal transmission in nerve cells to relieve symptoms by stimulating the deep brain. 

Progress of Alzheimer's disease 


An ultrasound device 

for safe cancer treatment

DeepsonBio  accomplished technological excellence in developing safer ultrasound devices for cancer treatment through the non-thermal effect of low-intensity ultrasound to create flowage.

The effectiveness of combined usage of therapeutic ultrasound and anticancer drugs are proven by the continual clinical research.

In particular, recent studies has presented the effectiveness of ultrasound to encapsulate anti-cancer drug in nano-carriers.

This encapsulation technology is also known as improving the therapheutic effect of anticancer drug treatment in incurable cancer by increasing the penetration of drugs.

Malignant tumors

It may be applied to incurable cancers such as biliary tract cancer or pancreatic cancer.


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